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Wednesday market - City parking lot, North Broadway and Fountain St., Albert Lea

 Saturday market -   Herbergers parking lot, Northbridge Mall, Albert Lea

Market Dates

Our outside market opens May 17 and will run through Oct. 28, 2017.

Market Hours

Wednesday 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.  Saturday 9:00 a.m. to noon. In case of bad weather, the board may agree to start the market early (no more than 15 minutes).

Who may sell

Vendors may sell products (i.e., vegetables, fruits, plants, eggs, honey, flowers, meats, baked goods, crafts, etc.) grown or produced by them in Minnesota or bordering counties in neighboring states and within a 25 mile radius of Albert Lea. The Farmers' Market board can make exceptions if the product to be sold is not available at the market or they think it would be beneficial to the market. The market board also has the right to not accept new vendors who sell products that are already in over-abundant supply at the market. Large commercial vendors (as defined by the board of directors) cannot sell here.  Baked goods (bread, rolls, donuts, cakes, two-crust fruit pies and most other baked goods) may be sold but must be properly wrapped, bagged or boxed. For the protection of the public, cream and custard pies and any other bakery goods with custard or cream-type filling or cream cheese frosting, or any other potentially hazardous foods may not be sold.  Cooked jams and jellies may be sold if sealed in glass jars, but no sugar-free jams can be sold.  All the above items must have labels listing the vendors name, address and phone number; and these items must be made by the vendor (not purchased and resold.) Vendors selling homemade foods are required to follow all appropriate laws and present a copy of their Cottage Food Producer license. See for additional details.

Vendor permit fee - Seasonal Permits

$100.00 per single stall, which is  approximately 15 feet wide. This permit allows vendor to sell at both market days and gives him voting privileges at the annual meeting. Permits for crafts only (made by seller) can be purchased for five markets for $35.00. Stall fees are non-refundable. A stall space paid for by one vendor cannot be sub-leased to another vendor. Each family or farm will be limited to two 15-foot market stall spaces.

Vending Stalls

Stalls will be assigned at the annual meeting to permanent vendors in attendance when they pay their permit fee. Permanent vendors are full-time vendors who have been members of the market at least one year and participated in at least 80% of the markets during the outdoor market season. An exception can be made if unavoidable, extenuating circumstances prevented attendance and the market board makes an exception to this rule. Permanent vendors have the option of retaining the same stall assignment as the previous year (unless the entire lot is being realigned or changed.) If an eligible vendor is requesting a permanent stall, the board will make a decision of which stall they will be assigned after considering all factors. Everyone assigned a permanent stall space must notify Gloria Schreiber (phone: 383-7413) prior to that week's market if they will not be at the market to ensure that they will keep their stall assignment. For any non-permanent vendors or new vendors, you will have a temporary stall each time you come to the  market and will fill in the first unassigned stall in the rows. If you are a first-time vendor and come to the market to sell you must fill out and sign a permit application, read and agree to follow the market rules, and pay the permit fee. Once completed you will be issued a permit card and will be assigned a stall for that day.  Vendors who have temporary stall assignments are not required to call in.


  1. Selling must be done from the interior of the vending area. Your vehicle will be on the outer edge of  the vending area.There will be no selling, reserving or holding of items before market begins.
  2. If you sell green plants, crafts, or other taxable items as permitted above, you must have a sales tax number and have that number available at the market. For sales tax number, call 651-296-6181, or visit web site

  3. Eggs must be kept in a cooler at a temperature of 45 degrees or less -- not on open display. Eggs are to be fresh (less than a week old), clean, but not washed.

  4. When selling pickles, salsa, or other approved canned foods with a PH of 4.6 or lower, the vendor must take required workshops (having verification available). The vendor is responsible for following all MN state regulations and must have sign stating that "These canned goods are homemade and not subject to state inspection."  Products must be labeled with sellers name and address and date of processing, and sales cannot exceed $5,000 annually. Anyone selling meat must follow all MN Dept. of Agriculture regulations.  

  5.  Produce items of less than top quality must be clearly marked as such to not mislead customers.

  6. Vendors will provide own display fixtures and shelter from the elements.

  7. Children and youth groups are required to have an adult with them when selling.

  8. Each vendor is responsible for keeping the area around his stall clean and picked up during selling hours and when he leaves the market.

  9.  The market discourages having animals/pets running loose in the market area.

  10. The Farmers Market will operate within the limits of local and state statutes governing the selling of such produce.

  11. Pricing should be done per unit (i.e. piece, bag, box, dozen, bushel, etc.) Scales can be used only if inspected & in accordance with the MN weights and measures law.

  12. Product sampling is encouraged but these must be served in accordance with state law.

  13. If a vendor has a conflict and cannot sell his own products on a specific day, he may designate someone to stand in for him/her/them, with board approval.

  14. All vendors at the market will conduct themselves properly. Rudeness, loud or profane language, arguing, or harassment will be considered a violation and grounds for revoking of vendor's permit. Vendors are expected to be neat and properly attired. Vendors are asked to refrain from smoking.

  15. The Farmers Market will operate on the honor system. Vendors are expected to uphold the integrity and goodwill of the market.

  16. A committee of board members can determine whether a vendor is complying with market guidelines and revoke vendor's permit if he/she/they fails to comply.

  17. Vendors are subject to inspection by a committee of the board to verify that their product is grown or made by the vendor. 

  18. Farmers Market vendors are expected to carry their own LIABILITY INSURANCE, which is now available to vendors who individually belong to the Minnesota Farmers Market Association. The Farmers Market organization and board of directors will not be responsible for lost articles or accidents involving individual vendors, and assumes no liability in connection with any sales by vendors.

  19. Vendors cannot accept WIC or Senior FMNP vouchers unless they are certified.

  20. All vendors accepting SNAP/EBT benefit tokens agree to sell only those food items permitted under that program.

  21. Market rules may be amended by a majority vote of members at annual meeting.



The Farmers Market does not control or regulate prices but requires every vendor to have prices posted. Sellers should be aware of current market values and use common sense in marketing their produce. Give-away produce is strongly discouraged.


Election of board members will take place at the annual meeting. Only persons who held a vending permit in the previous season are eligible to run for a position on the board. Each permit holder is entitled to one vote on all motions presented at the annual meeting. The business year of the governing board runs from annual meeting to annual meeting (date and time set by the board). Directors will be elected for two-year terms. A president, secretary, and treasurer will be appointed by the elected board of directors.


Questions, complaints, and suggestions about the Farmers Market should be directed to the board of directors.

Kathleen Bleckeberg
- President -

term expires 2019

Patty Billat
- Secretary -

Term expires 2018

Sheryl Ehlke
- Treasurer -

Term expires 2018

Gloria Schreiber
- Director -

term expires 2018

Patti Floyd
- Director-

Marketing and social media

term expires 2018

Dan Jacobs

term expires 2018